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This programme is aimed at young people aged 14-17. It will answer the demand and format for using sports as a medium for engaging young people in a positive activity and using that activity to introduce advice and guidance on issues effecting today’s young people.

This programme aims to use sports to:
• Bring about personal development in young people, through education and involvement in positive recreation.
• Raise levels of achievement by offering accredited skills training.
• Improve employment prospects for the participants by introducing them to part-time employment as assistant coaches at Whizz Kids Sports Camps and champion coaching Programmes (for 13+).

The young people will also act as marshals and administrators at the London Heathrow Youth Games (London Borough Youth competition) and the London Marathon.

The project objectives are:
• Deliver a personal development programme based around Basketball
• Develop a work skills programme for schools
• Provide coaching qualifications:

1st stage teachers awards given by sports governing bodies in 11 different sports and disabilities work.

2ndstage Pre Lym Awards and additional 12 sports