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Could your students be sporting heroes?
Having hosted a fantastic Olympic and Paralympic Games here in London, we would like to invite your students (aged 16 and over) along to be part of an exciting initiative to get more people involved in the running of sport and physical activity in their local communities.
What is Sport Makers?
Sport Makers aims to inspire, engage and support over 40,000 volunteers to give something back to their community over the next two years. Every Sport Maker is encouraged to give 10+ hours volunteering back to their local community after attending a free inspirational workshop in their local area.

What are Sport Makers?
Sport Makers are, quite simply, people who make sport happen. Sport Makers are a fantastic resource for schools and colleges. Sport Makers can help plan, deliver, market or oversee activities ranging from informal sport sessions through to the running clubs and events.

What are the benefits to students?
The Sport Maker inspirational workshop will give students the knowledge, information and connections to make sport happen either at college/school or in their local community. Sport Makers do not have to just be those on sports courses as this is an excellent opportunity for ALL students to be part of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Legacy and boost their CV.

What are the benefits to Universities?
There are lots of benefits for getting involved in this exciting Sport Maker Programme:
• FREE training and support to enrich students learning
• Opportunity to be a part of the 2012 Games Legacy
• Signposting students to opportunities to develop their skills,
     experience and confidence
• FREE kit (Adidas t-shirt) to every Sport Maker

How do we get involved?
Visit to find out more about the programme. If interested, please contact Charlie Watts ( or tel: 020 8411 6740).