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Age Categories
Under 19
All Ponies must be over four years of age

Competition Format
Teams will jump in the order drawn prior to the event. Competitors will jump in the order declared. The first rider from each team will jump followed by the second rider and so on.

The first rider in each team will ride the course set at .75m (2ft 6in), the second and third rider will ride a raised course set at .85m (2ft 9in), the fourth rider will ride the course set at .95m (3ft). A horse or pony may be nominated to ride the raised course.

Riders will jump as follows:
Fence Size 2ft 6in
Team of 4 1st rider
Team of 3 1st rider
Fence Size 2ft 9in
Team of 4 2nd rider
Team of 3 2nd rider
Team of 3 1st rider
Team of 2 Any two
Team of 1 Any Round
Fence Size 2ft 9in
Team of 4 3rd rider
Team of 3 2nd rider
Team of 2 Rounds
Fence Size 3ft
Team of 4 4th rider
Team of 3 3rd rider
Team of 3 3rd rider

Each horse/pony will jump the course once in each round.

In the event of a jump off the fences will be raised and a time element introduced. A competitor who is eliminated or who retires will be awarded 20 faults plus the faults of the worst horse/pony from any team in that round.

Any members of a team may take part in the jump off unless disqualified. A competitor who is disqualified may take no further part in the competition.

It is the Team Managers responsibility to have the next competitor in the collecting ring ready, failure to do so will result in the competitor being eliminated.

The Course
The course will consist of 10 to 12 obstacles. There will be one double combination on two non jumping strides. There will be no water jump. The height of the obstacles will not exceed .95m (3ft) or the spread 1m (3ft 3in) in the first round.

The first round will not be against the clock although there will be a time allowance based on 300 metres per minute. Competitors exceeding the time will incur time penalties.

The competition will be run under BSJA Rules with at least one affiliated BSJA Judge in attendance. The Judges decision is final. Team Managers should therefore acquaint themselves with BSJA Rules, particularly in relation to Tack allowed and rider and supporter conduct.

It is the competitors responsibility to ensure that he/she knows the course to be ridden. Outside assistance WILL be penalised.

Breeches or jodhpurs must be worn with jodhpur boots, long riding boots or shoes with heels. Protective headgear must be worn by all riders (whether competitors or not) whilst mounted on the showground. Such headgear should preferably be to PAS015 or EN1384 however, BS4472 or BS6473 will be adequate for 1998. All headgear must include a permanently fitted non detachable harness and must be worn with the chin strap properly adjusted and fastened at all times.

Blunt spurs of 3cm or less may be worn in the correct manner with the curve of the neck of the spur pointing downwards. No plastic spurs allowed. Teams should adopt uniform dress where possible, preferably with jacket and tie. LONG sleeved sweaters will be allowed.

At the prize giving all competitors must enter the ring correctly dressed and mounted and any accompanying groom or Team Manager should be neatly dressed.

Saddlery and Safety
All tack must be correctly fitted, clean and secure. It is the responsibility of the rider and/or the Team Manager to check the safety of the Tack and its validity in accordance with current BSJA rules. Anybody found with unsafe or illegal tack will be DISQUALIFIED from the competition. A CHECK WILL BE MADE BY THE OFFICIAL STEWARD IN THE COLLECTING RING.

Practice Jumping Area
In accordance with current 1998 BSJA rules the practice area will consist of one upright and one spread fence marked with a white flag for left and red for right. Any competitor found jumping the practice fences in the wrong direction will be ELIMINATED.

This area will be limited to the next imminent 10 competitors. There is also an additional flat warm up area next to the practice jump ring.