An event for thousands of people who run a 26.2-mile course for self-satisfaction and charity.

This year marks the 31st event. Almost half a million people have run this 26.2-mile course. This is a renowned event all over the globe.


Biggest marathon held in London with a limit of 7,000 runners. Thirteen thousand applicant's were denied entry. American Dick Beardsley and Inge Simonsen finished holding hands in 2:11:48. Joyce Smith won the women's race, beating the British record 2:30, while coming in at 2:29:57.


Londoner, Hugh Jones held the lead throughout the entire race to finish with a personal best by 77 seconds. This led to his ninth place ranking in the world all-time list. 2:09:24 remained his personal best. Joyce Smith lowered her personal best to 2:29:43. She held a winning margin by six minutes. London was now the biggest marathon in the world, over the New York City Marathon with its 15,758 finishers.


Mike Gratton withstood the pressure of Gerry Helme to win the marathon in 2:09:43. Grete Waitz won easily in 2:25:29, this world best lasted less than 24 hours.


Olympic year - Charlie Spedding was able to pull past two Tanzanians to develop a huge lead. Passing two miles, Spedding caught Ingrid Kristiansen after a ten-minute lead on the men. Spedding took the bronze that year. Kristiansen's winning in 2:24:26, a European record.


Steve Jones had won the 1984 (post-Olympic) Chicago event in a world best, 2:08:05. He competed against bronze medalist, Charlie Spedding. By the 20 mile mark the pack had dwindled to Jones and Spedding. Jones won the race in 2:08:16 and remained the course record until 1997. Spedding was second and remains the present English record at 2:08:33. Ingrid Kristiansen proved to have benefited from running with men. She finished the race in a quick 2:21:06, which held the record till 1998.


Toshihko Seko finished in 2:10:02. Grete Waitz finished in 2:24:54, a lifetime best - winning by six minutes.


Hiromi Taniguchi broke clear of the pack and won in 2:09:50. Ingrid Kristiansen followed with her third London title in 2:22:48.


Henrik Jorgensen, Denmark runner beat out all the Britons for an Olympic team spot. Belayneh Densimo from Ethiopia ran the world best that day also in 2:06:50. Ingrid Kristiansen seized her fourth triumph in the woman's race in 2:25:41.


Kenyan, Douglas Wakiihuri took the title in the Seoul Olympics. Britain woman runner, Veronique Marot, set a UK record 2:2:56, to set the biggest win her career.


Scotland's Allister Hutton won in 2:10:10, his first marathon victory. Olympic champion Rosa Mota made a brief appearance running half the marathon for charity. Poland's Wanda Panfil, 2nd in 1989, won the race with a personal best in 2:26:31.


London hosted IAAF/ADT World Marathon Cup, Soviet Yakov Tolstikov won in 2:09:17, a personal best. Team title went to Great Britain. Rosa Mota, reigning Olympic and world champion, won in 2:26:14. Soviet Union won the women's team title


Antonio Pinto, Portugal's former racing cyclist, won in 2:10:02. Poland's Jan Huruk made a burst and finished second. Rosa Mota dropped out of the race with stomach problems. Germany's Katrin Dorre took the win in 2:29:39.


Germany's reigning champion, Katrin Dorre took the race in 2:27:09. Eamonn Martin, from Basildon, was England's first winner since 1984, finishing in 2:10:50, while earlier that day he became a father.


Dionicio Ceron of Mexico won in 2:08: 53. Katrin Dorre won for her third successive year in 2:32:34, but this became the slowest winning time in the history of London.


Dionicio Ceron maintained his title, winning in 2:08:30, after passing Antonio Pinto of Portugal after being behind by a minute with five miles to go. Ceron finished with London's second fastest time ever. Malgorzata Sobansa of Poland was unable to seize the title.


This year staged the hottest London Marathon ever, the first thirteen miles was close to world record pace. Dionicio Ceron caught and passed the 19 year old Kenyan, Jackson Kabiba, to finish with Mexico's third win.


This race was close as Joyce Chepchumba (Kenya) and Lidia Simon (Romania) were running side-by-side, they passed Krolik. McColgan nearly pulled up to Chepchumba, but Chepchumba finished one second ahead. Antonio Pinto came from behind to surpass the 12 year record of Steve Jones and snatched the victory from Italy's Stefano Baldini.


Ireland's Catherina McKiernan and Abel Anton time their runs to perfection. McKiernan snatched the victory in 2:26:26. Anton won the title in 2:07:57, two seconds behind Pinto's record.


Abdelkader El Mouaziz won in 2:07:57. Joyce Chepchumba rewarded for course recorded and beating the world's best recognised by the Flora London Marathon.


Antonio Pinto demolished his own course record and Carlos Lopes' European record to win in 2:06:36. Tegla Loroupe won by a margin of 13 seconds in 2:24:33.