AVIVA shine:awards are used as a progressive way to engage today’s youth, along with teachers and coaches to become involved despite their level of ability or age. Shine:awards provides year round activities for school children and new club athletes to gain their first taste of athletics and to measure their success through the achievement of a range of dynamic awards.


  • Provide fun and varied challenges as afirst introduction to athletics.
  • Give athletics street-cred amongst young people and encourage them to progress through to their local athletic clubs.
  • To encourage and retain interest in athletics amongst the next generation of budding athletes.
  • To encourage schools and clubs to include athletics in an all-year round programme and to assist teachers and coaches in the delivery of that programme.
  • To assist in fulfilling curriculum objectives for Physical Education and Information Communication Technology in schools.


  • Young people aged 3 to 18+
  • Teachers
  • Athletics coaches and clubs
  • Sports Development Officers
  • Local Education Authorities

LEVEL 1 - ‘play and learn’, caters for 3 to 8 years old.

The level 1 Awards include the Mini Athlete Award and the Healthy Athlete Award.

LEVEL 2 - ‘participation’, provides for 7 to 12 year olds.

At level 2, Awards can be achieved for Cross Country, Race Walking and Sports Hall Athletics and there is a skills Award, a Multi-Skills Award and a Healthy Athlete Award.

LEVEL 3 - ‘getting better’ has been designed for 11 to 15 year olds.

The focus of the Level 3 Awards include Awards for Specific Events, a Decathlon Award, a Fit Athlete Award, a Cross Country Award, a Race Walking Award and a Sports Hall Athletics Award.

LEVEL 4 - ‘performance’ caters for 1 year olds and above.

The Level 4 ‘performance’ Awards offer a wide range of activities and include Awards for Specific Events, a Fitness Award, a Heptathlon Award for girls, a Decathlon Award for boys, a Cross Country Award, a Race Walking Award and the first level award for athletics officiating - the Judging Award.


The AVIVA shine:awards aim to cater for children of all abilities, so an adapted version of the scheme is included at all Levels for young people with disabilities. It provides advice and awards for each of the main groups of young people with special needs – learning disabilities, wheelchair, amputee, hearing impairment, sight impairment and cerebral palsy.


The Judging Award provides the opportunity for young people over the age of 14 to take their first step onto the athletics officiating ladder.


All the resources required to administer the AVIVA shine:awards are provided on two CDs and web site and give users access to information, resources and tools. Navigation through the scheme is intuitive, using video, stills and sound to excite and entertain the user.

The resources underpinning the AVIVA shine:awards:

  • Are of the highest quality in both design and utility, reflecting the prestige of the awards, the status of the sponsor, and the position of athletics as a major sport in the UK.
  • Make the awards scheme accessible and attractive to the participant and the organiser.
  • Ensure that the awards scheme is easy to administer for the teacher, coach or leader administrating the awards.


The medals, certificates with holograms and stickers available as rewards will provide:

  • Instant rewards for children at Levels 1 and 2 for completing an activity.
  • Desirable symbols of achievement that will have intrinsic as well as extrinsic value for young people.
  • A reward that is immediately recognisable for a particular event, at a particular level of achievement.